Academic vs Professional writing service

Academic Writing

Academic writing is focused, clarified and concise writing to meet the purpose of clarifying the understanding, solving the problems or answering the questions.

Professional writing

Professional writing is a clear and concise way of writing to convey information and generate ideas for the Readers.



The purpose of academic writing service is to solve the problems or answer the question which is being provided in the academic study module (Musanti and Rodríguez, 2017).

The purpose of professional writing service is to present the information to the Readers and generate various ideas.


Different bases of audiences are present for two different writing services. The audience or the readers of academic writing service are students, professors, fellows, researchers, historians, scientists, and people who are involved in academic professions (Núñez-Román et al. 2020).

The audience or the readers of professional writing services are employees, managers, leaders, colleagues, businesspeople, clients and people who are involved in the corporate sector.

Tone of voice

In most, the academic writing service, first-person (I, we, our, us) and second person (you, your, yours) are not allowed to be used in the writing unless the writing is a reflective paper. Otherwise only third person (he, she, they, them, his, her, it, its, their, and name) is allowed for academic writing service.

This restriction is not applicable for professional writing service as first person, second person, and third-person are allowed for professional writing services and the use of it will be based on the situation or explanation (Droz and Jacobs, 2019).

Use of active and passive voice

Both active and passive voice can be used in academic writing services but in most of the sentences, passive voice is used for stretching the sentence. This is because the readers have more time to read academic writing.

Only active voice is recommended for professional writing service because sentences need to be shorter and to the point (Hutchison, 2018). The readers of professional writing services have less time to understand the topic. Therefore, shorter sentences with active voices help the readers to understand quickly.


In most of the cases, academic writing is used to explain what you have learned or what you want to teach someone.

In professional writing, it is assumed that you have already learned and the writing is based on how to apply it in real life.

These are the differences between academic writing service and professional writing service. Hope, you have understood well.