Write an effective assignment in online


The effective assignment provides the students with clear ideas and expectations regarding the integration of the outside sources which provides ample opportunities to the students for practicing integrating sourcing and maintaining transparency in the writing. There are various steps involved in the writing of the effective assignment which helps in making the students more knowledgeable and attractive. This blog will be dealing with the steps and the guidelines which are required for the development and writing of the effective steps that help in the development of the student’s knowledge and writing skills.

Main steps

There are various steps that are involved in the development and the writing of the effective online assignment which help in boosting the knowledge and the writing skill of the students. The steps which will help in maintaining the effectiveness of assignment writing are as follows:

  • Analyzing the assignment question: The first and the foremost things the students need to understand in the better analyzing of the assignment questions which help in easy writing of the assignment. For better grasping of the meaning, the students may write the question in their own words which helps in better clarifications.
  • Outlining the idea: after the detailed analysis of the assignment questions, the next steps are the outlining of the ideas and the development of the critical and the logical structure based on the marks which are allocated per question that help in the easy framing of the different ideas. The online assignment needs to be attractive which helps in attracting the attention of the educators (Tong et al. 2017).
  • Designs for the online assignment: The most important factors which help in getting the extra marks and drawing the attention of the educators in the design and the format of the assignment. The inline assignment needs to be attractive and composed. The main points need to be written in bold so that they are visible. Instead of writing it in the essay format, the assignment needs to be broken into points and the paragraph with the proper introduction and the conclusion. The headings and the subheadings with attractive pictures and the charts and statistical data will help in drawing the attraction of the teachers and the easier for the teacher in evaluation. The proper citation and the reference list format also need to be maintained (Demosthenous et al. 220 2020).                                                                                                                             Figure 1: Design of online assignment
  • Research: After analyzing the key requirements and the aim of the assignment topics. The students need to perform the research by studying the various related literature which help in the framing of the concepts and proper evaluation of whether they are supporting the assignment topic.
  • Time management: Another most important step in time management which helps in the easy completion of the assignment and the following of every step. For better evaluation, the students need to break the time based on the requirement of the very steps and try to maintain the stipulated time period.
  • Preparation of the drafts: Before writing the bigger assignment the students need to write a draft by covering the main points and outlining the required steps and the strategies which are to be followed. The wiring of the drafts will help the students in overcoming the literature gap and changing the strategies which help in the better writing of the assignment in the online platforms (Sumarno and Tatik, 2019).
  • Edit and the proofreading: These steps are considered as most important which help in the writing of the effective assignment. The editing helps in cutting out the irrelevant which were written at the time of the writing and the proofreading helps in avoiding the spelling and grammatical mistakes. The student needs to improve their written communication and grammar skills which help in avoidance of such mistakes. The choosing of the right words which help in expressing the feelings is also very important.
  • The submission details: Another important part of the online assignment is the submission details. The prescribed structure needs to be followed with the proper file name and the file format which help in the easy evaluation by the educators. The students must try to submit it 2-3 days before the due date which helps in avoiding last-minute tensions and technical failures (Demosthenous et al. 2020).

Figure 2: Guidelines for writing online assignment


This blog has dealt with the effective steps and the guidelines for writing the effective assignment in the online platform, which help in building the knowledge and enhancing the writing skills of the students. The steps quill helps the students in the submission and the writing of the assignment which are provided by the schools, colleges in the university, and the fetching good marks out of it.