How to write APA & HARVARD refencing in your assignment?

The American Psychological Association(APA) and the Harvard referencing styles help in providing the reader in assessing the sources for their further studies and also giving the credits to the author from which the writer has taken the idea. There lie certain ways and rules which need to be followed during the in-text citation within the assignment which will help in giving the credit to the author. Infographic writing is short and crisp which requires the proper citation and following of the reference list to help in acknowledging the author.

The rules which need to be followed while the in-text citation of the APA format within the assignment types which is infographic. The APA type of citation uses the author’s last name and the year of the publications. If there are more than three authors, then the “et al” sign will have to be used. The development of the reference list in the infographic is to be done with the help of certain rules which include the following: the reference should be arranged in alphabetical order with double spaced, hanging the indent with the spacing of 0.5 inches (Marsh and Campion, 2018).

‘For example, (Field, 2020) or (Field et al. 2020)”

Figure 1: APA referencing style

The Harvard referencing styles are mainly used in the social sciences and the technology and the natural sciences of the different infographics. There is certain formatting that needs to be done while applying the Harvard referencing in the infographic assignment. These are: the arrangement of the reference list alphabetically based on the authors’ surnames, writing of the edition in the reference list, is the reference has more than three authors then only the first author’s name needs to be written which will be followed by “et al.” and there should be 1.5-line spacing and justified. If the infographic uses any websites, then the accession date and the availability link also need to be given. If there lie multiple publications by the same authors which were published in the same year are to be indicated by a, b and c, etc. (Anlló et al. 2017).

‘For example, (Field, 2021) or (Field (2020a) and Field (2020b))”.

Figure 2: Harvard referencing style

Therefore, both the APA and the Harvard referencing styles help in acknowledging the contribution of other writers and the authors and help in providing the evidence which helps in supporting the assertions and the claims in infographic writing.

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